Feedback for ‘the best of John Beltran: Ambient Selections,
collected by Delsin Records.

“GREAT ALBUM with very good music! THNX! ”
Dimi Angélis (Figure, Smallville)

“Beltran’s “10 Days of Blue” is an all-time favorite of mine, so this is a very welcome reissue. Very happy to discover some tracks I don’t seem to know, as well…”
Philip Sherburne (The Wire / Pitchfork)

“‘Morning At The Window’ – deep!”
Santiago Salazar (Historia y Violencia)

“excellent flashback !!”
Tomaz (independent)

“A sonic delight, it’s so good to have material such as this re-released and appreciated once more. I’ve been a fan since the Peacefrog days. Sounds even better with the sun shining outside here. Thanks very much!”
Paul Woolford (Planet E)

“essential collection!!!”
Enrico Crivellaro (Archive/Neroli)

“since early R&S releases, Beltran is a fave ambient / electronica producer to me. Full support. ”
Angel Molina (Sonar Music)

“beautiful sounds and a much deserved compilation. thanks!”
Chris Miller (Little White Earbuds)

“amazing ambient selection :-) melodies sound design let me dream..”
Ellen Allien (Bpitch Control)

“some of these tracks have a very special place in my heart. great to have them all digitized and in one place. many thanks. ”
Dave Mothersole (proton radio)

” Lovin it, thanks ”
Gregory (Faya Combo)

“this is an amazing record!”
Tobey (Killekill)

“big biG BIG record! Thanks a lot!”
Quince (Delsin Records)

“Lush! Love it.”
Sven VT (De:bug Magazin)

“Most of it I have on record, they belong to my all time favourites, I’m a big big fan of John Beltran, but this is great, I can put it on my I-phone and carry it with me at all times, ideal train travelling music. Thanks!”

“Beltran is my ambient guruh since his first releases back in the early 90ties… i love the album! i will play all songs definitly on my next gig @ TEDx Brainport Eindhoven: Experience”;
DJ Lady Aida (Rebelbass)

“another sweet classic from John..thanks a lot guys!”
Jackmate (Philpot)

“beauty thanx!”
Melon (Ratio?)

“will pitch for review for sure… ”
Dean Muhsin (Bearweasel)

“Sublime. Thanks much.”
Andrew Duke (Cognition Audioworks)

“absolutely sublime, great to have these all in one place, deffo gonna be rinsing these in my warm ups! x”
Appleblim (Apple Pips)

“Didn’t know theses ambient works. It’s only the 1st listening but I say “wow”. I felt ok before listening to it, and now I feel so nice, peaceful, healthy. It’s like a pure relaxation session, I’m happy, I want to do my best for everything… Very cool, I love it !”
Pierre-Nicolas (Boing Poum Tchak!)

“Timeless tracks!! Special!”
Nuno Dos Santos

“amazing…. soul music”
DJ Fabio (STUG)

“amazing…. soul music. Soft Summer, aahhhh man stays with you forever”
DJ Fabio (STUG)

“brillant music! thanks”
Brent Roozendaal (Drift)

“ it!”
Marko Nastic (Radio B92 / Exit Festival)

“lovely collection of timeless electronic music!”
Will O’Brien (SUB-SCAPE)

“I felt asleep and had some cloudy and sweet dreams …. Nice!”
Norman Nodge (MDR)

“can\’t get enough of these tunes”
Thaddi (De:bug)

“classy! he is def not a stranger to me, all his stuff is ace”
Samuel L Session (SLS)

“John Beltran on Delsin – there was never any doubt this was going to be an epic release. And in true Delsin form, it\’s a classic release! Any true fan of the genius that is John Beltran will want to own this. And its a perfect introduction to proper techno for any person looking for the roots of the sound. Bravo again Delsin!!!!”
Claude Young (Cynet-Media Tokyo)

“With this every day can turn into a slow sundaynmorning. Now all i need is a fucking croissant and some juice and im good.”
Newworldaquarium (Nwaq)

“True electronic soul from a great musician. Big thanks for bringing of all these gems together in one collection. My day just got brighter.”
Owain Kimber (Dessous Recordings / Littledetroit)

“reading the feedback makes me think that most of us have some kind of relationship with john’s work, but i cant recall talking about him with anyone for years.. happy to find some gems on this collection that i haven’t heard before.. and get reminded of other songs that meant so much to me! thanks ”
Pär Grindvik (Stockholm LTD)

“big fan of Beltran. Soff summer is my all time long time fav.. glad this stuff will be getting some more attention. big up”
Kr!z (Token records)

“pure gold! ”
Tama Sumo (Ostgut/Panoramabar)

“Very big tunes that made up my night and will do it for the rest of the day… One of the important albums of this season. Very deep very sensual.”
Christereo (Halfstereo)

“what a fantastic selection, so many of my favourite msuical moments here. definitely know what we’ll be listening to in the car back from this weekends gigs!”
Jim Masters (Hi-Tek-Soul/Base, London)

“wow beautiful, happy to have this compilation, I love John Beltran music. ”
Shinedoe (Intacto Records)

“Wow! That’s the kind of album you are gonna listen in the next 20 years and still say: Wow!”
Renato Cohen

“Beltran is one of those artists that always amazes me. He can go from doing a deep techno album, to a Latin album to these types of compositions that are timeless. Truly remarkable. ”
Chicago Skyway

“wonderful stuff… ”
Dave Twomey aka Tr nch (MYM Tokyo / Mariana)

“Always a treat to get some of John Beltrans stuff. Probably have most of them spread on the original albums but very nice to have them all together. Simply l ove it!!!”
Steve Rachmad

“Gorgeous throughout, a very beautiful album and a much-needed, refreshing take on music in this age where everything seems turned up to ’11′. Thank you! ”
Francois K (Deep Space NYC / Wave Music)

“great compilation, had some of the tracks already but there’s some new ones here for me. downloaded to my ipod for my next travelling adventure…”

“gorgeous collection of ambient here. beltran was and is one of the kings of the genre, and his originality reigns supreme and has influenced far too many to name. killer work for a killer compilation!”
Eric Cloutier (The Bunker NYC)

“Probably have all of these…but so nice to have them in the one collection..nice story being told. We just need to get the kids to listen to it and we would all be better off.. Full Support.”
Vince Watson (Delsin, Planet E)

“He\’s not a legend for nothing amazing stuff”

“The next alltime favourite album in my collection. Delsin – Thank You !”
Steffen Laschinski (Styrax)

“played collage of Dream just last week…funny to see it again out ..for me one of my all time favor…Classic and”

“great release! and right in time, as summer is coming;) i can feel the breeze already…”
Heiko Laux (Kanzleramt Music)

“dreamy. delightful. nostalgic.”
Beat Pharmacy/Brendon Moeller/Echologist

“i love everything john does!!! lovely!”
Osunlade (Yoruba Records)

“great to remember and some i haven’t heard from before! much appreciated!”
Markus Enochson

“Makes me go back to John’s older work… incredible tunes, so inspiring as they were then they still are now. Essential.”
Peter van Hoesen (Time To Express)

“Featured “sweet soul” in hour 2 of my most recent Scion Radio mix……..”
Monty Luke (Planet E Communications/Mothership Music)

“Pure quality! What a package of sophisticated sounds ;-)
Quiet Village

“fantastic comp”
Bryan Kasenic (Beyond Booking)

“long time fan, many thanks!”
Michel De Hey

“so good to hear all these again..i still play them off ’10 days of blue\’ etc…really great music…thnx..x”
Charles Webster

“Since I\’m too lazy to find all his old singles and albums in my collection, this release comes ‘als geroepen’. Great to hear his lush and sophisticated music again. It hasn\’t aged a bit. ”
Rene Passet (Dj Broadcast / Oor /

“I was waiting for this one, great release!!”
Kuczera (Hotmix)

“beautiful…….I am happy to have this in my collection!”
Dimitri Kneppers (Dj Dimitri)

“Legendary !!! chartin too”
Dj Simbad

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